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Organic Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are antiques that can either be purchased to become a beautiful home accent or a monetary asset, or they can be passed down for generations. In either case, it’s a valuable possession that you’ll want to take excellent care of.

Organic rug restoration and cleaning is great for any rug, but it can be especially useful for rugs that are 50 or more years old. Rug cleaning is used for deodorizing and stain removal, just as traditional methods, but green cleaning is much gentler and less likely to harm the delicate silk, wool, or cotton fibers of an antique Oriental or Persian rug.

It’s entirely possible to keep an area rug that is 100 years old looking practically brand new with the right kind of care. Organic rug cleaning is the best choice for rug owners who want to preserve a rug of this age.

Carpet Cleaning Chicago has the tools, products and skills to organically clean area rugs and more. You can find an organic rug cleaning company in Manhattan with a little effort, but it will be completely worth it! If a company is unwilling to tell you where their cleaners come from or how they safely dispose of used water once the cleaning is done, you should probably steer clear of them since it would seem that they have something to hide!

Organic rug cleaning
Organic rug cleaning 1

Happier customers – A large number of our customers specifically request organic carpet cleaning, and we are proud to offer them exactly what they want!

Less waste for us to dispose of – Responsible disposal of waste material is something Carpet Cleaning Chicago takes very seriously, so the less water we have to get rid of, the better.

Less impact on the environment – When organic cleaning methods are used, your home will be a less polluted place to be, and so will the atmosphere outside.

Reduced drying time – Less water used means that your area rug will dry faster and have less risk of mold and mildew developing and will get your rug back to you in record time.


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