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Pet Stain Removal

We all love our pet friends but their love comes with a big responsibility. Accidents can always happen and as a professional cleaning company, we are here to fix your lovely friends’ accidents.

Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the carpet surface; they only clean the visible part of the animal waste. Traditional carpet cleaning for pet stains and odor is only for the surface of your carpets; deodorizer is applied to the surface, temporarily eliminating pet stain odor. This method does not last long and it doesn’t fix the important part of the problem, which is located underneath the visible part of your carpets. When carpet surface is washed, urine -which is deep down inside the carpet- will only get wet making the smell come back even stronger than before.

As Carpet Cleaning Chicago, we aim to completely remove the odor/stain from the depths of your carpets with our high heat, high pressure extractor. We provide permanent solutions instead of temporary ones.

Pet Stain Removal
Pet Stain Removal 1

Our process removes the urine from under the carpet, padding and wood. We give 100% satisfaction guarantee for this process. We have the best equipment available for pet stains and odors.

  • Flooding the area with special neutralizer for urine and absorbing all urine from the carpet and padding.
  • Flooding the area with natural odor control and absorbing the extra liquid from carpet and padding.
  • Applying pet urine removing for the yellow stain.
  • Steam cleaning the area with high pressure hot water with deodorizer to give you a fresh and clean carpet.

When your pet has an accident, they will keep on going to same spot over and over again. This is because they smell the urine that is embedded in the carpet. After this process, your problem will be solved. This process can take longer time to dry than steam cleaning due to deep washing and extracting .If you want your 100% satisfaction guarantee for your little friends’ accident, we are only a call away.


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